Conheç Andila Andila Angolan Fashion Designer


Denise comes from a family with a good background in sawing. Of Angolan nationality born on July 19, 1977, native of Saurimo province of Lunda south.
She began her passion for the fashion world as 12-year-old child helping her mother in the sale of confectionery of baby’s wear, Took part in paper costume competitions during her school time for dolls where she always won. Also won the award with the best drawing organized by UNICEF.
Took part in several fashion events exhibitions of framed pictures. Began to make her first molds and fashion shows with the participation of neighbors. Attended the fashion design course at the college of the art in Namibia. Exposed her own cloth line in various events, also on many occasions worked as wedding decorator, and took part in diverse events organized by the Embassy of Angola in Namibia also events organized by the Namibia government .
Represented Namibia at Expo Xangai , Represented Namibia in Angola fashion business international ,in 2010 where several of her international models was winner of various magazines in Ghana and more reference in Namibian news Papers the soonest event were she participated was Windhoek fashion week in Namibia 2017.
Andila Andila she is very fascinated by the fashion.





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