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Paulo Pascoal (born Paulo Nuno de Azevedo Pascoal; July 8th 1982) is an Angolan natural born performer and entrepreneur. Born in Lisbon, Portugal, he lived most of his childhood in Angola and then moved to Spain in 1994 to pursue his studies in theology in the S. Agustin Seminary. After performing as Judas in a remake of the musical Jesus Christ Superstar, he got the attention of the casting director Antonio Cuadri and debuted as a cast member of Al Salir de Clase (After School) TV series in 1995. He followed it by participating on the singing contest Lluvia de Estrellas (Star Search) in 1996 and won the first place in the city of Palencia. But his will to keep performing was interrupted by the policy of the scholarship and shortly after he was forced to abandon his studies at the seminary and moved to Portugal to attend to a public school to finish his senior year in which he was part of the streetdance group Signs, this same year he was spotted by Pierre Gonnord in the streets of Lisbon and starred as a model in the photographer’s masterpiece Terre de Personne in 1999. In 2000, he moved to New York City signed a model contract with Boss Models and made campaigns for Swatch Skin, Diesel and Reebok. In 2003, he released his first album of originals in english “I Wish That I” in collaboration with H. Sleiman and distributed by his own label Souleasternpop Music Entertainment, that attained immense popularity in the PALOP countries, leading him to receive a Prestige Award by the Angolan Community in Portugal, and to be the opening act for Julio Iglesias tour, Divorcio in 2004. His songs hit charts like Coca-Cola and Top Mix in Africa and were part of movies and soap-operas like “Pure Beauty” (U.S) and “Mistura Fina” (Portugal), where he also starred in the TV series “Morangos com Acucar” (Sweet Strawberries) in 2005. Critics have praised Paulo Pascoal for his talent and imagery while at the same time serving as a lighting rod for controversy for being the first angolan to release a whole album in english, singing pop/ballads as well as for his eccentric looks. His career was further enhanced by film appearances in Canada: Thrill of the Kill, Custody, Late Fragments, Le Voix, The Power Rangers and by graduating at The Juilliard School of Dance, Drama and Music in New York. As a dancer, he has showed off in music videos for Janet Jackson, Bruce Cockborn, Kardinal Offishal, Mariah Carey, Infernal and was briefly part of The Lion King Show on Broadway. In 2010 after a two year break to recover from a Brain Tumor, Paulo had a come back to the small screen on the first angolan-portuguese co-production “Voo Directo” (Direct Flight). Paulo’s face is often chosen to represent commercial brands and institutions such as Milaneza, Banco Millennium BCP, BCI (Banco de Comercio e Industria), BFA (Banco de Fomento Angola), PAYE (The Partnership to Advance Youth Employment), SONY, TMN, British Airways, STAPLES, Giant Tiger and Place Ville Marie. Paulo’s other ventures include being a tie and shoe designer, writer, producer and humanitarian activist. He has been acclaimed as an angolan phenomenon by the media for his all around successful work as an independent artist and as one of the few angolan triple-threats that works internationally, for continuously reinventing himself and for retaining a standard of autonomy within the industry.


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